Let's Build the Future Together

Believing anything is possible through creativity and dedication, Soane Technologies is an innovator aiming to heal the damage to the planet with transformative chemistry and physics with two major entities: Soane Materials (zero-waste plastic alternatives) and Carbogenesis (CCU).

About Soane Technologies

Led by visionary Dr. David Soane, Soane Technologies exists to discover and enable greener options to replace old practices that are damaging our world. As an innovator, Soane Technologies is working to commercialize two revolutionary technology platforms.

Soane Materials. At Soane Materials we are rewiring chemistry so that it offers alternatives to forever plastics for the products we use every day. www.soane materials.com

Carbogenesis. At Carbogenesis, we are harnessing physics to convert CO2 into a resource for making new high-value materials, instead of storing it. www.carbogenesis.com

Dr. David Soane. Our founder, David Soane, is fascinated by the power of chemistry to unlock radical solutions for intractable problems, and he takes a hands-on approach to ensure their success.